Designing Your Creative Work one Idea at a Time
  • Berani (meaning “brave” and “courageous”) describes my fearless approach to design that emphasizes breaking free of the ordinary to uncover the unique. I love to have your organization stand out from the pack – to be the center of attention. To this end, I work closely with you to forge ideas and present them to your customers with a visually stimulating twist.
    I have over 18+ years in graphic design/multimedia experience. I am a highly skilled professional in 2D and 3D illustrations, 3D animation, multimedia, PowerPoint presentations, web design and web graphics, photography, infographics-data visualization, brochures, posters, layout, design and print for events and PR conferences, reports, fact sheets, newsletters and the creation of RFP’s.
    The experience that I have attained by working in the commercial real estate industry and engineering firms has given me a broad level of experience.  By using creativity and my strong design software skills, I am able to ensure client satisfaction in a timely manner.
    Web Design and Development
    Berani Designs has been creating high-quality Web sites for more than a decade. We work closely with our clients from planning through site rollout to ensure complete satisfaction.
    Marketing Collateral
    I design several types of marketing collateral to showcase clients' products and services. My specialties include brochures, posters, annual reports, case studies, white papers, product sheets, RFPs and RFQs.
    Graphic Design
    I develop innovative design concepts to capture the attention of our clients' target audiences. My graphic design services incorporate logos, vector graphics, Web graphics, photo manipulation, symbols, images and/or words to create a compostion that focuses on communication and presentation.
    Berani Designs develops video and PowerPoint presentations that visually enhance the message our clients want to deliver to their customers.
    3D Design and Animation
    I specialize in 3D environmental, architectural and conceptual design. I use the latest technology to create informative and detailed 3D designs.
    I provide photography services for weddings, architecture and promotional events.